Monday, June 27, 2011

perubahan for better life

hye there..

hipotesis of the day: semakin kita dewasa, semakin banyak perubahan yg kita lakukan.

perubahan yang paling ketara sudah tentulah penampilan diri kite.
as we grow up we really concern about our appearance.
we do care if my tudung matching tak dgn baju, shoes.
but in hurry i just grab anything, ignore my appearance as long as proper attire.most of the times i do this bad habits.heh

mood swings.
in the past im not good in controlling my emotions.easily get sulk without concrete reasons.throw my tantrum if i found out someone oppose bad!
but, i slowly learn.learn how to more appreciate something around me.i finally can control my emotions.if i get angry, i can cool down few minutes later.if im sad, i just cry, released the tension,then im much better.

way of thinking.
im more matured compared to my sisters.yes!

confidential level.
i try my best to be as cool as i can.think before talk.

blog da mmg berhabuk..
dah lama aku tak update latest news bout me..
act, now im in silence mood either here or outside there..
skang ak tgh cari blog adif story..dy da delete ke?
bllog tu ada tp post2 dy before mmg da xde..
dan blog tu dah berubah..
kompius jap..
fb dy pn da xde, twitter pn da xde..
tp tataw la kot2 dy da unfriend ngn ak ke kann..huhu
aku suke baca blog dy, ske baca status dy kat fb, tweeter tup2 ilang plak..
ak harap dy cepat sembuh..
ak mmg suke penulisan dy..harap2 dpt baca blog dy lagi..;)
she is adifstory/fida aisyah..

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